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20th June 2020

Science Malaysian student sits exams in a tree to ensure good wifi

Science Malaysian student sits exams in a tree to ensure good wifi


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science Veveonah sitting in a mosquito net on a platform in a treeImage copyright
YouTube/Veveonah M.

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Science student Veveonah Mosibin completed two tests in a treetop then slept there when it got dark

A university student in Malaysia who went out on a limb to ensure she had a good internet connection to sit her exams online has impressed many with her resourcefulness.

Eighteen-year-old Veveonah Mosibin lives in Sabanalang Pitas village, in a remote part of the eastern state of Sabah, where broadband services are limited.

There is no electricity or running water in her house and Ms Mosibin has said she charges her mobile phone at the houses of relatives and neighbours who do have electricity.

She had prepared for her tests a fortnight previously by building a small shelter on a hill where 3G reception for the area is good.

On the day of the exam, however, she found the hut had blown down, so decided the next best place to ensure a strong connection would be in a tree.

Ms Mosibin, who also looks to be an aspiring YouTuber, filmed her experience, and posted it on a channel she set up in May, which features a handful of other videos of life on her family’s farm.

Armed with a mosquito net, power bank and meals of rice wrapped in leaves, Ms Mosibin completed her exams uneventfully, save for the intrusion of a hornet during a meal.

Image copyright
YouTube/Veveonah M.

By her own account, her night in the tree was not particularly restful because of the noise of the jungle and the cold. And she faced a visibly unimpressed mother the next morning, who demanded to know why she had not returned home the evening before.

Science ‘Without a single complaint’

But her escapade, which has been viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times since she posted it this week, earned the admiration of many others.

“A strong independent modern girl who gets the job done no matter what the obstacles are! (And without a single complaint despite her hardship),” said one comment on her video.

“Great determination! However it reflects poorly on us as a nation. After 57 years of being part of Malaysia, the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak continue to suffer deprivation,” said a Facebook commentator.

Several also pointed out how her experience highlighted the disparity in internet access in the country.

“As a teacher I must say this is very heartbreaking,” said another comment on her channel. “Internet connection should be reliable in all across our country.”

Her video prompted the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to say it would install a new telecommunications tower nearby to improve connectivity and upgrade coverage in the area to 4G.

Reporting by Tse Yin Lee

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