2nd March 2020

In_pictures Wooden

In_pictures Wooden


  • in_pictures Chairs on the outside of a homeSean Iceton

    Sean Iceton: “Saved from the landfill or a bonfire, these painted chairs adorn the side of a New England wooden barn.”

  • in_pictures Skeleton of a boatMike Doyle

    Mike Doyle: The skeleton of an old wooden boat gradually merging with the mud on the River Medway, Hoo, [Kent,] in summer 2019.”

  • in_pictures Ynys Llanddwyn coast path gateGeorgiana Griffiths

    Georgiana Griffiths: “Every now and then, we are confronted with a situation when we must choose which path to take. But first, we must open the gate.”

  • in_pictures Small furnitureAtia Aslam

    Atia Aslam: “Anyone for a cuppa? My miniature wooden furniture set.”

  • in_pictures Barrels of rumMalvika

    Malvika: “I took this image of wooden barrels one afternoon outside of the Mount Gay Rum distillery, in Barbados.”

  • in_pictures Beach hutsNeil Baker

    Neil Baker: “Taken on Hayling Island[, Hampshire,] on a cold, windy, grey day, this image shows that not all is lost in photography terms on such days in the UK. This is a monochrome image with the original coloured doors. These old wooden beach huts are a great source of photographs.”

  • in_pictures Wooden flowerAndy Rinkoff

    Andy Rinkoff: “Flower made with wooden button and jointing biscuits.”

  • in_pictures Helter-skelterZoe Cleverly

    Zoe Cleverly: “Watching my children on the wooden helter-skelter at Chatsworth house[, Derbyshire].”

  • in_pictures Wooden frogsErnest Walker

    Ernest Walker: “A trio of rather sinister wooden leapfrogs, to be found at a local RSPB nature reserve.”

  • in_pictures Wooden columnsKathy Williams

    Kathy Williams: “The wooden columns of Wisdom Path, on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.”

  • in_pictures Puzzle piecesKay Hayes

    Kay Hayes: “Wooden jigsaw-puzzle pieces, which are unusual, thick, and sturdy.”

  • in_pictures WalkingsticksVerna Evans

    Verna Evans: “A collection of wooden walking sticks and an umbrella with a wooden handle carved as a parrot’s head.”

  • in_pictures Trees in ThessalonikiLucia Kovacova

    Lucia Kovacova: “I took this picture during a visit to Thessaloniki. The trimmed branches on the birch trees in the city park looked like wooden hands cheering in the air.”

  • in_pictures Sculpture of man sawing a branchJill Bewley

    Jill Bewley: “A quirky wooden carving on a tree in a park in Amsterdam was just asking to be photographed.”

  • in_pictures Composite imagePhil Morgan

    Phil Morgan has made a composite picture of trees and a stump, taken on Anglesey.

  • in_pictures Wooden horseCharlie Christian

    Charlie Christian: “A naively carved and painted horse marionette, has real character and personality, despite being wooden.”

  • in_pictures Plank of woodElisa Decker

    Elisa Decker: “This close-up of a wooden plank suggested portals to other worlds.”

  • in_pictures Wooden doorSheryl Thomson

    Sheryl Thomson: “I loved the colour and textures of the wood and metalwork on the church door.”

  • in_pictures Wooden pencilsRobby Bernstein

    And finally Robby Bernstein sent in this picture of wooden pencils. The next theme is “uphill” and the deadline for entries is 18 February 2020. Send pictures to yourpics@bbc.co.uk or follow the link to “Upload your pictures here” below. Further details and terms can be found by following the link to “We set the theme, you take the pictures,” at the bottom of the page.


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