27th March 2020

In_pictures Circles

In_pictures Circles


  • in_pictures Bride at ChollerfordBarry Donnelly

    Barry Donnelly: “This was taken on the River Tyne at Chollerford, near the site of Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, on a still summer’s day in 2017, the central arch and reflection in the still water creating an almost perfect circle.”

  • in_pictures BubblesAtia Aslam

    Atia Aslam: “Circles of a bubbly nature – a close-up of air bubbles that developed in a glass of water that was left to stand. The two bubbles in the middle of the picture looked like they were peering back at me through the glass.”

  • in_pictures Pier supportStephen Sims

    Stephen Sims: “A pier support under a wooden slipway in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. This is long exposure of the circle joining sections where struts are bolted through and the years of exposure to the sea have created a build-up of rust and barnacles.”

  • in_pictures Sunset in MinorcaPaul Granahan

    Paul Granahan: “I captured this sunset photo from the beach local to our accommodation, while on holiday with my wife in Minorca. The lens flare in the photo was intentional – honest.”

  • in_pictures Snow on a circular plant potElisa Decker

    Elisa Decker: “This set of circles is from an ongoing series documenting how this motif changes over time. New York City.”

  • in_pictures SweetsGemma Lawrence

    Gemma Lawrence: “Circles of love, made out of rock, the favours at my friend’s wedding in Brighton, which is known, famously, for rock.”

  • in_pictures Couple in front of artLyndsey Thomas

    Lyndsey Thomas: “At the stunning Future Sketches exhibit at Artechouse in Washington DC, where the artist Zach Lieberman used coding to create digital poetry, a couple pose in front of ever changing circles, to create a somewhat supernatural sci-fi portrait.”

  • in_pictures Circular vent in the wallJo Vanleuven

    Jo Vanleuven: “In the streets of New York, people walking under a circle, in the early evening.”

  • in_pictures SproutsClaire Hogan

    Claire Hogan photographed sprouts on a stem.

  • in_pictures Sculpture gardenCarol Burrow

    Carol Burrow: “Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture garden, in St Ives[, Cornwall,] just invited you to look at her garden through the openings in her amazing sculptures.”

  • in_pictures Circle made of lightRobby Bernstein

    Robby Bernstein: “Circles of light, in an art installation in the Distillery District in Toronto, Canada.”

  • in_pictures Shadows from beach umbrellasLynsey Oxton

    Lynsey Oxton: “This photograph was taken by me on holiday in Agia Marina, Crete. The shadows from the beach umbrellas cast a series of perfect circles.”

  • in_pictures Circles in the grassRichard Mortlock

    Richard Mortlock took this picture he calls Labyrinth in West Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire.

  • in_pictures Red circles behind a glass of wineDoris Lustig

    And finally a picture by Doris Lustig. The next theme is “neon signs” and the deadline for entries is 10 March 2020. Send pictures to yourpics@bbc.co.uk or follow the link to “Upload your pictures here” below. Further details and terms can be found by following the link to “We set the theme, you take the pictures,” at the bottom of the page.


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