15th April 2020

Technology In full: PM’s statement on his coronavirus52064631

Technology In full: PM’s statement on his coronavirus52064631


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Media captionIn a video on Twitter, Boris Johnson says he is self-isolating and will continue to work from home.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus. Here is his statement in full:

Hi folks

I want to bring you up to speed with something’s that happening today, which is that I’ve developed mild symptoms of the coronavirus – that’s to say, a temperature and a persistent cough.

And on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, I’ve taken a test that has come out positive, so I am working from home. I’m self-isolating and that’s entirely the right thing to do.

But be in no doubt that I can continue, thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against coronavirus.

And I want to thank everybody who’s involved. I want to thank, of course, above all, our amazing NHS staff.

It was very moving last night to join in that national clap for the NHS. But it’s not just the NHS; it’s police, social care workers, teachers, everybody who works in schools, DWP staff.

An amazing national effort by the public services but also by every member of the British public who’s volunteering – an incredible response.

Six-hundred-thousand people have volunteered to take part in a great national effort to protect people from the consequences of coronavirus. I want to thank you.

I want to thank everybody who’s keen to keep our country going through this epidemic and we will get through it.

And the way we’re going to get through it is, of course, by applying the measures that you will have heard so much about – and the more effectively we all comply with those measures, the faster our country will come through this epidemic and the faster we’ll bounce back.

So thank you to everybody who’s doing what I’m doing, working from home to stop the spread of the virus from household to household. That’s the way we’re going to win.

We’re going to beat it and we’re going to beat it together.

Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.


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